The Council of Indian Organizations of Central Valley

The Council is a California nonprofit organization established under the State and Federal Laws governing the non-profit organizations (the Council has submitted application to State and Federal departments for non-profit status).  It is primarily an educational and civic organization based in Fresno, California.  It is non-partisan, secular and nationalist in character and operations.  It’s a conglomeration of various and diverse ethnic, cultural groups and organizations engaged in the betterment and welfare of the people of Indian origin residing in the Central Valley.  Council’s mission is to work toward building a healthy, vibrant and progressive Indian Community through collaboration and networking with groups, organizations and individuals of Indian origin and friends of the Indian Community throughout the Central Valley.  The Council replaces the Indian Independence Day Planning Committee.  It’s objectives are:

The flag of India

The flag of India

1. To honor and celebrate the rich common cultural heritage and diversity of the people of Indian origin living in California Central Valley.

2. To organize national events of historical and educational significance for the benefit of people of Indian origin living in California Central Valley.

3. To encourage dialogue and discussion on issues of common interest and concerns facing the people of Indian origin in the California Central Valley and recommend appropriate actions and plans to address them.

4. To mobilize intellectual, professional and entrepreneurial resources for common good, mutual growth and development of the people of Indian origin in the central valley.

5. To promote interaction, better understanding and healthy relationships between the Indian community and other ethnic and cultural entities in the central valley.

6. To support, collaborate and co-ordinate with Indian organizations and groups with similar goals and objectives in mind.

Background.  For the last several years, India’s Independence Day Planning Committee, predecessor of the Council, has been celebrating India’s Independence Day in collaboration with Fresno State, Various Fresno area Indian organizations and the Consulate of India in San Francisco.  In addition to Independence Day celebration, special tributes and recognitions have been awarded to The Kuka Movement in 2011 and Gadar Movement in 2012.  Cultural programs by various youth groups and special messages from dignitaries such as Dr. John D. Welty, President of Fresno State; Mayor Ashley Swearengin of the City of Fresno, Congressman Jim Costa and the Consul General of India have been the hallmark of the celebration.  Free Indian refreshments are always served at the celebration which is free to the public.  India’s Independence day celebration is also a celebration of India’s diversity reflected in the Indian community residing in the Valley.

The Council plans to continue India’s Independence Day celebration in the future.  This year Council has invited Dr. Kiran Bedi, a well known activist from India as Chief Guest of Honor for Independence Day Celebration to be held on August 24 at Fresno State.  A special dinner is also being arranged in her honor.  The Council also supports Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Celebration at Fresno State which is held in October in the Peace Garden at Fresno State.